17 Mouth-Watering Food Photography Examples

Mon, Nov 15, 2010

Photo Inspiration

17 Mouth-Watering Food Photography Examples

Food photography is of my favourite photo topics (along with travel photography). I can spend hours watching photos of inspiring arrangements of food, with thousands of flavours and tastes running through my mind. I’m not a great cook, but I have to admit I started my cooking adventure after being inspired by the fantastic food photos in Jamie Oliver’s books . Many of these are signed Jean Cazals. I included some in the collection bellow, and some other food photo artists for your inspiration. Bon appetit!

Eggplant Rolls (Photo credit Jean Cazals)

Green Tea Mousse (Photo credit Nordljus)

Citrus cured copper river salmon (Photo credit Wrightfood)

Yellow Mellon with mozzarella (Photo credit Jean Cazals)

Roast plums with honey and yogurt ice cream (Photo credit Nordljus)

Mussels in Wine (Photo credit Jean Cazals)

Salmon Sandwich (Photo credit Michael Ray)

Salad of Sorrel Sauted trumpet mushrooms and egg (Photo credit Smells Like Home)

BBQ Chicken Pizza (Photo credit Browneyedbaker)

Beef, mushroom and rice noodles salad Goi Bo (Photo credit Wrightfood)

Shrimp and green beans salad (Photo credit Michael Ray)

Vanilla and Brown sugar breakfast polenta (Photo credit Browneyedbaker)

Grilled with broccoli and potatoes puree (Photo credit Michael Ray)

Chocolate and mint ice-cream cake (Photo credit Michael Ray)

Carrot Soup (Photo Credit La Tartine Gourmande)

Mont-blanc with poached pears (Photo credit Nordljus)

Rhubarb Bars (Photo Credit Lara Ferroni)

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