Incredible and Inspirational Infrared Photos

Mon, Dec 27, 2010

Photo Inspiration

Incredible and Inspirational Infrared Photos

Infrared Photography (together with the X-ray Photography) is one of the most amazing ways to understand the world around, to understand and tolerate the unseen, the things that human eye cannot perceive. The infrared photography reveals unexpected colour tones,  as objects reflect different in infrared than in the visible light. The photo atmosphere becomes exotic, ghostly or antique, with green becoming white and the human skin becoming pale. The infrared photography creates an alien world, teaching us another lesson about the acceptance of the unseen. Here is a collection of amazing infrared photos for your inspiration.

No exit (Photo credit Jeffrey Klassen)

Woman on the field (Photo credit Musin Yohan)

Bollenverden in IR (Photo credit PaecKE)

On the other side (Sydney Olympic Park) (Photo credit Naomi Frost)

Herald (Photo credit Zach Stern)

Infrared Pasture (Photo credit Werol)

Enroute to Europe (Photo credit Ethan Killian)

End of harvest (Photo credit Jeffrey Klassen)

Signs of human (Photo credit Zach Stern)

Golden waterfall Webster’s, Ontario (Photo credit Dexxus)

Waiting inside the berries (Photo credit Zach Stern)

Mystic Woods (Photo credit Daniella T.)

Limbo (Photo credit Zevaazka)

Mansfield area – Victoria, Australia – infrared photograph, late afternoon (Photo credit Chamaeleon618)

Panorama Honk Kong (Photo credit HK Traveller)

On some far away beach (Photo credit Frank Brauner)

Summer Flowers (Photo credit Ethan Killian)

Empty beach (Photo credit Almazroa)

Her World (Photo credit Zachstern)

The winter solstice at midnight in a perfect world (Photo credit Bruce Berry)

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  1. Diana Eftaiha Says:

    very nice collection some really amazing photos there!
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